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  • Northern Plains Sustainable Ag: Summer Field Day at Johnson Farms in Madison, SD
  • Wild Farm Alliance: Planting native plants to strengthen biodiversity conservation
  • Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association: Grafting tomato plants at their annual conference
  • Teens Turning Green: Harvesting organic carrots for lunch at Bayside MLK Academy in CA
  • California Climate and Agriculture Network: Tour to encourage California farmland protection
  • FoodCorps: Students harvesting kale from the hoop house
  • Just Food / Farm School:  Students learn about soil mixes at a plant propagation class in NYC
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Fiscal Year 2015: Cycle 1 Grants

In the first cycle of 2015, the UNFI Foundation awarded $234,000 to 20 organizations working to promote organic food systems. Read more

Fiscal Year 2014 Impact

The UNFI Foundation awarded $464,980 through 51 grants to support organic agriculture in 2014, a 36% increase from 2013. Read more

  • Grantee News
  • December 16, 2014: In a new STEM-focused program, GrowingGreat will create parent / child activities for a series of family guides in English and Spanish.   Read More
  • December 16, 2014: The UNFI Foundation supports The Organic Center's project to investigate the effects of different farming systems on nitrogen pollution.   Read More