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Funding Priorities

We support non-profits in our communities whose main mission or innovative programs focus on:

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Climate Smart Agriculture

Supporting regenerative producers who work hard every day to grow healthier food. Sustainably produced food means healthier soil, cleaner air, and more tasty, nutritious food for families.

For example: technical assistance, certification support, land access and restoration, capital access, market access, and research initiatives aimed at advancing regenerative agricultural practices and transitioning more acreage to regenerative practices.

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Food Access Innovations

Improving food access in underserved areas through innovative programming and systems change. The principal strategy for this focus area is wasted food prevention, but we are also interested in alternative distribution models, nutrition incentive programs, and other food as medicine approaches.

For example: efforts in wasted food prevention that reroute food to those in need

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Food Equity

Nourishing equity, inclusion, and justice in the food system through equitable food business development.

For example: efforts to support BIPOC and women-owned food entrepreneurs or efforts that support equitable food procurement

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Local Food Economies

Empowering local food economies for inclusive and resilient food systems.

For example: efforts that shift institutional procurement or efforts that create and support critical infrastructure such as food hubs and aggregators

Interested in Applying?

Priority will be given to applicants who address two or more of the above funding priorities.