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Help us put healthy food within reach.

Apply for the UNFI Food Equity Project grant and join us in our efforts to improve the future of food for all.

About the UNFI Food Equity Project

The UNFI Food Equity Project grant is just one part of the UNFI Food Equity Project’s mission. Together, we can work to solve the problem of food insecurity. We’re focused on building a better future from the ground up, starting in our backyards. Whether the organizations are newly established or have been around for generations, we’ll shed light on new ideas and help them grow into something transformative. Access to healthy food should be a fundamental right, and we’re committed to doing our part and partnering to help create food equity for all.

About the grant

Although annual grants have always been part of our initiatives, we are taking it to the next level introducing a new $100,000 grant that will focus exclusively on advancing food equity in Rhode Island. We will partner with one or more local nonprofit organization, promoting food equity, eliminating hunger and improving public health to make meaningful change. Our aid is more than the grant dollars. We will support not only with financial assistance, but with access to our internal expertise in logistics, transportation and more.


  1. Financial assistance
  2. UNFI's expertise and support

Application details

If you’re a nonprofit organization in Rhode Island and are interested in applying, your application should include:

  • A detailed description of your innovative food access solution and the desired impact
  • An outline of how the grant will activate your solution that goes beyond financial assistance
  • A recommendation on how else we can accelerate your nonprofit’s initiatives through the UNFI network and expertise

Together, we can create a more equitable food system for all.

How to apply

April 11th - May 23rd

To the UNFI Food Equity Project Grant: