Good Acre

The Good Acre is led by farmers who have been in your boots, instructors who have cooked in the kitchens, and specialists who have trained in the trenches. With a dedicated team with decades of experience in farming, logistics, training and culinary arts, we blend all the right ingredients to be your stable partner, expert resource and trusted guide. Our mission: we connect and strengthen farmers, food makers, and communities through good food.

Community Driven

Community Driven is a registered 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization operating in the Twin Cities. Community Driven's mission is to help ensure that all people deserve and have all of their basic needs met from education, housing, food, and long-term stability through public education and direct charitable support.

All Saints Indian Mission

First Nations Kitchen is primarily a justice-focused, Gospel-based ministry. Its primary intent is to provide food to indigenous people who would not otherwise have access to high-quality, fresh organic food in an environment of radical hospitality and cultural empowerment.

Eats Park City

EATS stands for Eat Awesome Things and began in 2013 concerned with the goal of removing the 15 most harmful ingredients from school lunch. Fast forward to where scratch-made lunch has now become a reality in all seven of the school district’s elementary and middle schools. With school lunch now on a healthier path, EATS remains dedicated to its mission of empowering and growing healthy communities with fun, food, and nutrition advocacy.

Indy Hunger Network

Indy Hunger Network (IHN) is a collective impact organization composed of leading anti-hunger organizations working together to make a hunger-free Indianapolis. IHN and partner organizations collaborate to regularly identify opportunities to build a more efficient and effective food assistance system. IHN advocates for food justice by focusing efforts on improving access to healthy food for all and working to address higher rates of food insecurity in African American and immigrant communities.

Indian Creek Nature Center

ICNC’s mission is to promote a sustainable future by nurturing individuals through environmental education, providing leadership in land protection and restoration and encouraging responsible interaction with nature. The purpose of Etzel Sugar Grove Farm is to establish sustainable, economically viable permaculture farming practices and create champions of nature through education and replication of these practices.